HADIN brand,founded in 2017 in California U.S.A,is the world's leading provider of smart travel solutions.

HADIN is committed to providing global users with smarter and more environmentally travel vehicles, changing travel style and making life better and freedom.

We welcome all who share these values and a desire to enjoy the world on a electric motorcycle.

A new full electric cruiser ready for mass production

It is a very personal and emotional reason,that the founder is passionate about the low ride style cruiser, the full electric cruiser motorcycle that gives a not to the American style heritage and meets the rising demand of new mobility vehicles. The electric motorcycle Panther represents the first creation by Hadin, a new brand founded in California in 2016.

Global intelligence for a smart bike

To develop Panther, Hadin gathered intelligence from experts in Europe (Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany) and Asia (China, Thailand, Japan). The major researches related to electric motorcycles are in fact developed in Europe and demonstrated in Asia (hundreds of millions of vehicles already on the road in China). Thanks to the experience and know-how of this miscellaneous group of technicians, Hadin was able to produce right the first bike, the result of a collective global work of two different teams, one fully concentrated on the development of the product, the other on the accurate selection of components and systems.

For the production of this high-end product, Hadin engineers decided to rely on American and European recognized manufacturers of components and systems, many of whom have provided Hadin with custom-made products specifically developed for the Panther. The result is a highly technological product which does not forget the stylish trends of new lifestyle paradigms.

The look and feel of the Panther

The aluminium Trellis frame is welded in a handcraft way. The scoop seat is hand made with one-piece of fine leather and the metal cut handlebars position is for the swept-back riding of the cruiser. The front floorboards are cast with a “H”, which stands for HADIN. Panther headlights have 4 reflection lenses with upper and lower beams for different illuminating distance, and the LED brake light also has a cutting-edge design. Panther comes with an almost infinite number of colors and even when painting is concerned, special attention was dedicated by Hadin, who has decided to rely on a special machine that ensures a perfect finishing, resulting in a balanced combination of style and elegance.

The comfortable riding position ensures leisure feeling during the whole trip. In addition, the adjustable suspensions – 3 different adjustments: Soft, Normal and Hard – the double disk brakes on the front and the disk brake on the rear, together with the ABS, all contribute to experience an overall excellent and safe riding experience.

A powerful electrical architecture for unrivaled autonomy

At the heart of the Panther project is its innovative asynchronous electric motor, fully developed and produced in-house and patented by Hadin, which ensures a very low noise and high efficiency. It features a 45kW output and is powered by a Panasonic Ternary Lithium Battery, which comes with a 5 years warranty and with a battery management system included.

To meet different riding experiences, Panther can be driven in 3 different modes – Eco, Normal and Sport – all selectable through a button on the motorcycle handlebar. Eco allows a trip of 220 km with a full charge, at a maximum speed of 70km/h; Normal provides a balance ride for all skill levels and a trip at full charge of 180 km, at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, while Sport enhances performance, the essence of this electric engine, allowing a maximum speed of 130 km/h, with a range of 160 km.

Recharging, normal and fast

Recharging of the battery is carried out by a charging system housed in the tank of the motorcycle: a single socket with 2 different outputs, one for domestic connection plugs – it takes from 6 to 8 hours for full recharging – the other compatible with electric car recharging stations, for a faster recharging time: half an hour for the 80% of charge and 2 hours for full recharging.

Some more smart features

Panther comes with a powerful on-board computer that controls all the main functions of the motorcycle. No more key needed: a fingerprint technology – the fingerprint unlock is built on top of the charging tank – will give the rider a fast access, with accesses allowed for different drivers. On/off switch is still there, but also bound to a smart phone App, both for IOS and Android operating systems, which allows for other functions through wireless connection.

Smart phone projection, as well as all the main parameters of the bike such as charging level of the battery, its voltage and capacity, warning signals, navigation information and ABS operation are shown on a rectangular 7“ color TFT dashboard, optimally integrated in the futuristic style of Panther.

On the front and the back, Panther hosts two HD video recorders in order to keep the memory of the trips. Videos are loaded on an SD card and they can be seen afterwards through the App on the mobile phone.

Mass production

The mass production of Panther is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2020, with a capacity of 1.500 units per year at full operations.


Panther will be distributed globally, always in the first half of 2020, with Europe as a special focus. we have not decide the distribution channel yet. Could via internet, distributors, flagship store. Right now, we have applied and acquired related Patents and Intelligent Properties from the U.S, Japan and EU countries,and also the E-mark certificate.


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