Panther Life style with New mobility

The NEW HADIN "PANTHER" is coming! The very first Electric American cruiser.


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A Look To Stop People In Their Tracks

Key Features


The "PANTHER" come with a 7’’ smart "dash board", except all common function, it come with Bluetooth, with phone connection, navigation, simply as a projection of your smart phone.


Duo disc brake & ABS system, no doubt the best safety solution on a huge FUN machine. "The clicking sound, when I hold the brake, just sound perfect safe."


The hand bars are crafted by one piece of cast metal, hold strong and nice looking, ride high position with a unique style.


Head lights of 4 eyes reflection lens, upper/under lights for different range, LED brake light will stone cutting edge reflection. The front and back driving recorders is made for safety, in addition, the best moment during every trip.


Typically, the comfortable riding position ensures leisure feeling during your whole trip. In addition, the adjustable suspensions, shock absorbers, one-piece leather cushion all bring you the overall excellent riding experience.


"PANTHER" come with 3 driving mode, eco (long distance travel up to 160km), Normal (uprising power output), Sport (wild performance reaches the locked speed of 80 Miles/H). Moreover, precision control on power output on every boost, make sure a long-lasting fun ride.


Battery Concept “Panasonic" 18650 Lithium Battery with BMS
Charging Time 1.Fast Charge 30 minutes can charge 80%
                               2.Normal Charge 6-8 hours
Controller Sevcon Controller Max output current 450A
Charge Input Voltage 110- 220V 60Hz
Motor (Max. Power) 45KW
Max. Speed 130km/h
Cruising Range 160km
Climbing Capacity (Driver weight 75kg) 12°
Weight (with lithium battery) 270kg
Tires “Pirelli"Fr. 140/70-17 Rr.160/60ZR17
Brakes Fr.Disc / Rr.Disc
Shock Absorber Hydraulic Shock Absorber with ABS
Dimension (L*W*H) 2350X950X1 150 (mm)
Wheelbase 1650 (mm)
Ground Clearance 145 (mm)
Max.L oad 180 (kg)

A Story of

On the very beginning it was simple, we want it to be a huge FUN machine. We start mind storm, west-coast look for sure, with new mobility, smart phone gadgets.

During we building this beloved bike in past 3 years, we discovered a lot more FUN and COOL elements we can put in our design, as we found the potential of new mobility,  since no one ever put all new stuff on one bike, we decide to give a shot to see what will come out of it.

So now, more than meet the eyes, on our “PANTHER”, an on-board computer for all smart controls. No key/Finger prints unlock; Smart phone projection on a “smart screen “; Front and back driving HD recorder; Well, the battery management system is also worth mentioned, although we claim it can ride up to 100 miles, during our on-road cruising test, it went up to 150 miles till the rider start to feel power lose.

Yet, whoever have rode our “PANTHER”, get off with a big laughing face, which seems we made it—a huge FUN machine.

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